Freshly Cooked Dog Meals

HANDCRAFTED, delivered to you WEEKLY



A Healthy Natural Diet with a bit of convenience

Kaynine Kitchen's philosophy is simple: a healthy natural diet for your dog. We want the best for our furry friends, so naturally, an unprocessed and handcrafted meal would be ideal. For all dog lovers that are torn between processed kibbles, raw meats, and home cooked meals, but don't have time to cook for your dog, Kaynine Kitchen provides a service that can solve that problem. Think of us as your dog's personal gourmet chef!


Delicious and healthy recipes designed for the mind, body and soul of your dog


Growing up, Kay witnessed the benefits of home cooked meals prepared by her grandmother for her dog in Taiwan, Pipi. With the benefits of a healthy cooked meal, Pipi lived a full and healthy life of 18 human years. This inspired Kay to cook for her own dog, Summer, a blond daschund that Kay adopted in Canada. 

Since her move to Canada 16 years ago from Taiwan, Kay has always aspired to be a well-renowned chef. From the very beginning, she has always loved the idea of food. Given her passion, she has successfully graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute of Vancouver and has worked in various restaurants and hotels. Not only was she always in love with the idea of being a chef and finally becoming one, she is an avid dog owner who loves to cook for her dogs.

Since then, Kay has committed to many hours of research for fresh cooked food diets and is very excited to share with fellow dog lovers her research and recipes through Kaynine Kitchen.  

Hoping to marry her two passions, her culinary arts and her love for dogs, Kay aims to help other dogs live a healthy life through the benefit of a healthy diet, just the same way Pipi and Summer did. 


Because your dogs deserve the best.

As dog lovers, we want the best for our dogs. Made with only the finest human grade ingredients with no added preservatives, our recipes provide a naturally balanced meal for your dog that is healthier and more satisfying than heavily processed foods or raw diets.  We fortify all of our meals with natural supplements such as crushed egg shells (Calcium), coconut oil, fish oil (Omega 3), and apple cider vinegar.

All of our meals are purposely shaped into a meat-patty form, and vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness.  We find that its easier to handle and feed as well.  Our meals are cooked so all you need to do is warm it up and serve.  Bon appetit!


or your dog\s happiness and health

When introducing new foods to your dog's diet, we advise owners to transition slowly to help prevent upset stomach and diarrhea.  Based on our experience, we found that mixing our cooked food with their kibble in a specific ratio over a 7 day period made the transition smooth.  Our cook meals are also fortified with natural supplements which help with digestion as well. 





Convenience for your busy day

Kaynine Kitchen’s mandate is to provide fresh, healthy, unprocessed, handcrafted, delicious gourmet meals for dogs of all sizes. The best part is it’s delivered to your door!  We deliver free to addresses within Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. An addition delivery fee will be charged for addresses outside these boundaries.  Please contact us for specific delivery fees.